Feb 1946We started business as a training factory of the Kanto Gakuin Technical School (present Kanto Gakuin University).
May 1963The production and the sale of the “pula chrome” product. (The technical development to make plating on plastic)
Oct 1964The pula chrome was adopted to the mass production vehicle of Toyota Motor Industry Corporation
(present Toyota Motor Corporation) first in the world.
May 1969Kanto Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd. (capital 100,000,000 yen) was established by separating from the educational Kanto Gakuin.
May 1972The establishment of Uchikawa Industry Co., Ltd. (The independence of the molding section)
Nov 1973The capital increase to 125,000,000 yen
Jan 1980The capital increase to 200,000,000 yen
May 1984The establishment of Multi INC. (Manufacturing of multilayer printed wiring boards)
Nov 1984The receiving a prize of the first Kanagawa Engineering Development Grand Prix
(The technical development of the printed wiring board by the new additive process)
Feb 1985The establishment of Seiwa Trading Corporation
(The fullness of the welfare program of the employee)
Sep 1995The establishment of Toyota office at Toyota city in Aichi prefecture
(The reinforcement of the department of sales and the guarantee of quality)
Mar 2001The Acquisition of Certification about the environmental management system of ISO14001 (JQA-EM1358)
Nov 2002The receiving “the prize of the global environmental technology” at the 19th Kanagawa engineering development grand prix
(The method of resinous plating of an environmental compatible type by using the coat)
Oct 2003The start of the operation of the new factory (the resinous plating, the coat, the assembling)
Nov 2004The receiving “the prize of the global environmental technology” at the 21th Kanagawa engineering development grand prix
(The washing system of coat of paint (the Mega master) in the next generation of the global environmental compatible type)
May 2005The start of the operation of the main building (the building of the office work and the distribution)
Apr 2006Our company has been included on the list of 300 Japan’s dynamic manufacturing by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
Nov 2011Iwate Factory (coating and assembly) started operations in Ichinoseki City, Iwate
Mar 2013PT. Resin Plating Technology (RPT), a joint venture with Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd, was founded in Indonesia
Dec 2014Tochigi Office was established in Sano City, Tochigi (mold de
Aug 2016Completed “Gate of Safety” at the main gate of the head office
Apr 2018Former Chairman Mr.Fukuhara received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette
May 2019Kanto Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd. celebrates its 50th anniversary.
Jun 2021Kanto Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd. awarded Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon
Aug 2021Ichinoseki Plant (painting and assembly) begins operations in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture
Apr 2022Established Hamayu Corporation (spun off from the home nursing division of Seiwa Shoji Co.)