The performance of the composite plating is demonstrated by the ejection molding machine.

This original plating of KANTO KASEI is superior in high hardness, wear resistance, and the lubricating ability.

“Composite plating” is composed by incorporating the plating film containing the fine particle. Therefore, it can give excellent new (physical) properties to the plating film.

“Composite plating” of KANTO KASEI with uniform plating film is composed electroless nickel with superior corrosion resistance containing silicon carbide(SiC) of high hardness particles. The original plating has high hardness, wear resistance, and the lubricating ability compare with hard chromium plating and nitridization treatment.

  1. The uniform dispersion of the fine particles in the plating film
    The film is uniform in any kind of shape.
    Able to cope with any kind of materials.
    If necessary any thickness can be applied to any place.
    High resistance fretting corrosion. (the corrosion generated on a metal contact surface under feeble vibration.)
  2. The merit in a total expenditure and the medium and long term is great.
    The material processing is performed once. (We repeat the surface treatment.)
    Long is the expected life span of it.
    The high quality performance of cheap materials.
    The cost reduction without using oil.
Ejection molding machine parts
Application for a toggle pin and a screw