“Safety Gate” completed at the main gate of the head office

A colleague who worked in the formulation of the 2016 health and safety activity plan proposed to create a “gate of safety”. Why doesn’t each company have a “gate to safety” when they travel to other companies? That simple question became the starting point.
In the original plan, we tried to make it large enough for people to pass through, but we thought that all the introductory people of vehicles and people could pass through, so we installed a gate with impact, lightness, strength, and good scenery. did. In order to raise safety awareness, “Safety Gate” is displayed on the front and “Traffic safety” is displayed on the back. When passing through the “Safety Gate”, each person keeps in mind that “Safety takes precedence over all”, and when he leaves the company, he will keep in mind traffic safety as an employee of an automobile parts manufacturing company. In this way, we could contribute to the creation of a safe and secure workplace.